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Short term trading order-flow and long term order-flow.
If an EA is best struggling due options to pannelli poor forex execution, binary it is time to change trading brokers.
Currencies stampa are label the most liquid financial instruments and due to the vast ranges in daily movements traders can source profitable trading opportunities.Traders can code them by themselves using MQL4 or purchase them from independent software vendors.It is just that trading many traders are unwilling to learn about and assimilate some of the other information platform that exists outside of the chart.The method I often use to distinguish which order-flow has the momentum, is that by reading bar by bar price action at high-confluence price levels.As such, although the Buru EA had produced quality returns, it failed to protect traders during trading a period of violent movement.The EA became very popular due to its results and as it was only available through ibfx boosting the brokers trading volumes.The retail forex markets have undergone a major transition from unfriendly anti-scalping to very friendly service with a smile. Many people believe that you can only trade order flow if you do tape reading, or ultra short scalping, or some form of statistical arbitrage, or high frequency trading. For many years scalping was a taboo as forex market makers frowned upon traders who even thought about executing this in and flow out approach.
Momentum and strength could favour either directions and identifying that direction accurately is order key to forex scalping strategies.
Brokers have also been using special promotions like cash bonuses to give automated traders more incentive to become customers.
So if we get the direction wrong and trade against momentum, I can only say that its suicidal.
At one point brokers were defending themselves from the use of EAs.
When ibfx first invited their clients to trade using Buru the EA had very interesting results: * trading Average backup Weekly Return:.5* * Average Monthly Return:.7* scalping * Full History forex of 267 days: 151.06.But with forex, you do not have those options. Because the advantage isnt order about short term forex order flow or front running. Then you go on to the lesser tiers of the forex markets such Currenex and Hotspot, etx. You cant compete order investimenti scalping with them on that field. I used to be in their camp as well. And it most certainly can be done. You can read the tape in stocks and other markets where there is a time and sales window with accurate transaction forextrader sizes.